Home detonated gas downtown nibbling Shenzhen man serious burns dangerous

See a man holding a chopper on his right hand
Yesterday, the murderer rented the first floor of the room outside a messy, iron gate was blown fly, gas tank was dragged out, the police block the scene investigation. Early in the morning to the food market to buy food Ms. Lee was cut on the road in the neck injury. Longgang police: 12 injured without life risk July 11 7:37, Shenzhen Public Security Bureau Longgang Branch then the crowd telephone alarm, said in the Phuket streets of the new village was holding knife cut people, then the police, the Longgang police rushed to the scene Disposal, will be wounded criminal suspects uniforms, and to assist 120 medical staff will be injured 13 people sent to hospital for treatment. (Men, 32 years old, Cantonese) due to family disputes in the Phuket Street, three new village home to open the gas tank lit the house items, their own burned, holding a kitchen knife out of the housekeeper 13 people chopped, at present, one injured by the rescue invalid death, the remaining injured no life-threatening. At present, the case is being further investigation. Why did the man cut the way? 7 o'clock yesterday, in Longgang District, Shenzhen Buji Street cloth Lee Road Fumin market section, a 32-year-old man at home after the burn was burned in the vicinity of a breakfast shop took a chopper, then cut the city to a dead 12 injured The The man has been Longgang police control, its critical condition is being treated. Longgang police, suspected of the incident and the men and family disputes related to the incident before the men have alcohol. Home detonated gas was burned 7 o'clock yesterday morning, who lives in Longgang District Phuket streets of the new village residents Mr. Wei heard near the loud noise, "a bit like a gunfire," Mr. Wei came to the door, see the distance of about 50 Meters away a house smoke smoke, then saw a few fire engines rushed to the scene, suspected of the gas explosion occurred in the room. Yesterday morning, the Southern Reporter in the new village of East 19 Lane Lane 4 to see a large number of police are on the first floor of the room for investigation, the scene can see an iron gate fell to the ground, near the residents, this is the room when the explosion The iron gate directly break through. Yesterday at noon, the Southern reporter once again came to the scene, the police have been reconciled, through the windows have been blown up can be seen, the room has a refrigerator, washing machines and other daily necessities, there is a fish tank. The door has been posted by the Phuket police station. According to the neighbor Mr. Yang introduced, the accident room to live a young man, 30 years old, usually in a nearby residential building decoration work, meet will greet, looks very normal people, "but men like to drink, Every time the door is a beer bottle. "A number of nearby residents have said that men called" teeth ", usually does not seem obvious mental abnormalities. Longgang police introduced the man yesterday at home to open the gas tank, and then lit the room sheets and other items, followed by deflagration, the man was a large area of ​​burns. Holding the chopper downtown all the way crazy man cut off from the room after the start of the crazy process of the attack. Men living in the new village next to the cloth road, there is a rich people (railway) agricultural market, is a relatively large vegetable market near the morning, the road was almost blocked by the crowd. More than the residents to reflect, 7 o'clock yesterday, to see a man with a right hand chopper, along the cloth road from north to south, in the crowd see people cut. Man bare arm, wearing a shorts, all the way trot, fast, and did not do too much stay. Mr. Chen in the cloth roadside selling vegetables, he said to see a lot of people are running on the road, the middle of the road a lot of people dodge to both sides, saw a man holding a knife cut to an old lady's neck, then cut A young woman's shoulder. Men go south along the road, behind the security patrol team to catch up, but did not catch up. A grocery store owner Mr. Chen introduced, when he was doing business, a man with a right hand chopper came, the man wearing a necklace, looks very normal, "behind the security officer in the chase, beat him did not knock down." After taking the breakfast shop, the man ran into a small alley inside the enrichment market. Small alley inside the merchant introduction, then saw the man holding a chopper came in, and finally by the police control. 43-year-old cleaners Lei Min Yuan memories, when he took a clean car from the market on the first floor of the market along the slope to the second floor to see a knife man approached, immediately turned around the car on the slope, to prevent the knife man On the second floor of the vegetable market. Man chopped a chopper chopped a man, cut the man turned back to resistance, his knife on the ground, this time the police came up with a knife man control. Southern reporter noted that from the man to live in the new village of the East 19 to the last place to be captured, about 500 meters away. Longgang police revealed that from the men to the capture of the attack, with less than 10 minutes. As for the man motivated, Longgang police, the current understanding of men and his wife feeling bad, there have been family disputes, a few days ago his wife returned home. Men have a drink before the incident, the use of the chopper is from a nearby breakfast shop to get. Official briefing Phuket Street Office: to rescue the wounded after the incident, Longgang District People's Government Mayor Feng Shixue, deputy mayor, District Public Security Bureau Huazhen Qiang, Phuket Street Party Working Committee Secretary, office director Hu Gengxiang immediately rushed to the incident Site, to the hospital to visit the injured, and convened the relevant departments to convene a coordination meeting to study the aftermath of the work. Feng asked the school, the streets to do the families of the deceased and the wounded to appease the work, the hospital should be full treatment of the injured, the public security departments to conduct an in-depth investigation of the incident and the suspect in accordance with the law. After the meeting, Phuket Street immediately set up an emergency treatment team, led by three street leaders lead the relevant departments, workstations and volunteer workers and other responsible groups composed of three working groups, the families of the deceased and the injured condolences to the work, the case is being further investigation The Shenzhen Guardian Planning Commission: cut people men serious injury Shenzhen Health Service reported that the July 11 morning 7:40 Xu, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Phuket streets of the new village of wounding incident, Shenzhen first aid 120 sent after the report sent to Shenzhen Third People's Hospital and Shenzhen Zhonghai Hospital, two ambulances, returned to the two injured, a knife wounded patients were sent to the Second People's Hospital of Longgang District, died by the rescue; the other for the burn patients (according to preliminary Understand the perpetrators Zhuangmou) to the Shenzhen Second People's Hospital for treatment, more than 70% of the area burns, critically ill. Another 12 people to their own to the Second People's Hospital of Longgang District treatment, of which two were seriously injured, is the emergency surgery, the other 10 people were injured in the hospital observation, treatment. Written: Southern reporter Liu Ying Photography: Southern reporter Xu Wenge Reporter: Mr. Chen Mr. East Recruitment Award: the 100 yuan

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