Husband and wife divorced to fight the property to fight when the street driving Mercedes-Benz BMW collision (Figure)

Reporters from Shunde police confirmed
This morning, 12 o'clock yesterday, Foshan Shunde Leliu street staged with the "most landed a hit", a black Mercedes-Benz collided with a white BMW, the United States and the United States, Caused two cars were damaged to varying degrees, including white BMW car body serious deformation. According to the reporter to understand, the location of the car is located in the Leliu Pan Village, the door of the back door of the three-way intersection. According to the scene witnesses said the collision of the two owners in fact the original husband and wife, the recent divorce, because the property problem failed to reach a consensus dispute, the BMW driver intended to drive away, Mercedes-Benz male driver not let the BMW driver to leave, Driving to catch up with the BMW woman, the result led to the accident. Subsequently, the reporter confirmed from the Shunde police, two luxury car driver is a pair of divorce husband and wife, the accident caused by economic disputes. Police said that at present, the police are trying to mediate the matter.

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