British train "less manpower" successive hundreds of passengers crowded on the car complain

British South Railroad train is almost late for nearly three months
According to the British "Daily Telegraph" reported on July 11, the British Southern Railway Company train nearly 3 months often late, resulting in hundreds of passengers facing the situation every day late, so criticized. Although the new timetable has been released, the train is still canceled or delayed due to the shortage of staff. According to reports, for the train service "crash", the passengers are ready to "strike". Some passengers complain that because the train service is unreliable, they can not go home from get off work to see their children, while others say they lost their jobs. To solve the problem, the Southern Railway Company announced last week that the timetable for the implementation of the amendment was implemented from this week. However, the Railway Bureau's Twitter is still full of passengers complained that the train is still late. Southern Railway Company apologized to a large number of passengers, admit that the company is still facing "staff shortage" situation. A passenger questioned the Southern Railway Company, why cancel the morning 7:55 departure from Bohan to Brighton train. The company explained that due to lack of manpower. The report from the Victoria Station in London shows that other canceled trains are for this reason. A spokesman for the company said the 7:20 am departure from the Horsham to Victoria's train is also affected. Some passengers complain that they can not squeeze on the train on time, because too many passengers try to board the only train.

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