The two men scrambled the bees to anger the bees and one trapped 8 meters tall

Rescued man called Chen Da Yu
According to a man in his own balcony to keep a group of bees, a few days ago, has been quietly pee suddenly "civil strife", a new queen led part of the "subjects" defected, "stationed" In a cell on a tree. A man through the trees, the accident found a tree with a large group of bees, they climbed the tree plan to bring their bees home to raise their own. Bee owners do not agree, the two sides dispute, but also to stir up the bees flying "attack" people, and finally had to call for help. Encounter bee group wanted to "incorporated" was trapped 10 days, Yubei District Shuangfeng police station received a man alarm, said someone forced to take away his bee, the other trapped in a tree, hoping the police before Go to rescue. Police learned that the police man called Zhang Xiaolu, who lives in Yubei District Airport Avenue a district. After the police, the police immediately rushed to the scene, saw a man crawling in the district in a tree about 8 meters high, surrounded by a lot of bees flying. The man told the police that his head, hands and feet were stung by bees and could not be under the tree. So, the police informed the fire came to rescue, fire officers and men arrived after the ladder, together with the police will be trapped man rescued down. Was rescued man called Chen Dayu, 30 years old, Beibei people, the day to the district to go relatives. He told the police that he usually loves beekeeping, after a large tree in the district, he accidentally found the tree entrenched a large basketball group. So, Chen Da Yu came to call the bee tool, three times under the climb up the tree, would like to group these bees "after the collection" to take home home. At this time, a self-proclaimed Zhang Xiaolu man came to the tree, he told Chen Dayu, he is the owner of this group of bees. Scrambling bees cited bee group "attack" original, Zhang Xiaolu in their own balcony to keep a group of bees, the day of the incident, a new queen bee with a group of bees away from the honeycomb flew away. "I found the bees less to find everywhere, and finally follow the one after another 'rebellion' of the bees to find their 'resident.'" Zhang Xiaolu said he saw Chen Dawei to take away their own "defected" bees, Asked the other to return, but Chen Dawei said, "fled" bees no longer belong to Zhang Xiaolu, determined not to return. Two people so dispute, Zhang Xiaolu got a fishing rod, use it to drive bees, was annoying bees buzzing flying. Chen Da-hu on the tree is also angry, simply throw away call bee tools, flying bees were disturbed, have rushed to Chen Da Yu, Chen Da Yu exposed skin quickly swollen up, scared him clinging to the trunk. "Attack" after the end of the colony in another tree not far from the "stationed" down, this time Chen Da Yu felt hands and feet numb, dare not tamper with, trapped in the tree. Zhang Xiaolu under the tree quickly call 110 for help. After the doctor check, Chen Dayu's face, head and feet were stung, but because he usually loves beekeeping, so the bee venom has a certain resistance, remove the bee thorn, the body temporarily no problem. Subsequently, the police on Chen Da Yu and Zhang Xiaolu mediation, the two have recognized their own mistakes. The final Zhang Xiaolu active compensation Chen Dayu 300 yuan medical expenses, while the bee was recalled by him. (The text of the parties to a pseudonym)

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