Guangdong gang of a drug case sentenced to the judgment of 195 sentenced to 7 people sentenced to death

Of which 17 are Huidong white flowers
Yesterday, Huizhou City Intermediate People's Court publicly announced He Jinfeng and other 35 gangs involved in drug cases, of which 7 were sentenced to death (2 people suspended for two years), two were sentenced to life imprisonment, the remaining defendants were sentenced to seventeen years Six months a year imprisonment. As the case is complex, involving a large number of cases, the case of the ruling up to 195 pages. The first defendant He Jinfeng, born in 1976, nicknamed "dry cover", Huidong white people, in 2008 for the first time the introduction of ketamine ("K powder") manufacturing technology to Huidong. Since the beginning of 2012, He Jinfeng will collect members in Zhongtai Tongtong Lake, Boluo Gongzhuang, Huidong white flowers, Jiangxi Xiushui County, and so set up the drug point for drug production, after the drug ketamine transport, trafficking, during which also involved in illegal trading Poisoning items, harboring stolen goods, cover up, conceal the proceeds of crime. The group of 35 people, of which 17 are Huidong white flowers, they take care of each other, a clear division of labor, the formation of considerable size of the system of large drug trafficking gangs. (Reporter Qin Zhongyang correspondent Lu Siying, Pan Zilu)

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